A quick explanation of my process

Communication is 50% of Job. The other 50% is applying my skills and best practices to project we are working on together.

1. Current Website/App Review

As a starting point, I always suggest my clients to review their current Website/App, and provide them with my insights on current UI/UX, where it is currently lacking and how it could be improved.

After we align on the list of improvements to be made in order to improve UI/UX and increase the CRO, we proceed to the next phase.

2. Scope, Direction and Expectations

In order to better understand the scope of work, client requirements and expectations, I have created standardized questionnaire and quote forms, that I send to client to fill out.

I have been adjusting the forms over my 15 years career and come up with set of questions that applies to 96% of projects I worked on and resulted so far in 98% project success rate based on initial deliveries following answers client provided me with within the forms.

3. Project Details and Estimation

When the client reaches back to me with the filled out forms, I review them in order to see if everything is clear with me and if I would be able to proceed with the project, or if I would need some further clarifications or details to be discussed.

If I have a complete understanding of the client requirements, I provide them with a proposal for the costs and delivery time, split in phases and describing the deliverables included within the scope of work.

Complete understanding of the client requirements plays important role in successful project realization. Due to that fact, I don’t limit clients to above mentioned forms, but I encourage them to provide me with all the materials and details they feel may be of help through the process. The more details the better.

4. First Concept designs

Now that we have everything set in place, I proceed with the design work.

I always start with the main screen design, whether it is homepage, landing, dashboard, analytics screen, etc.

It usually takes me 2-4 business days to come up with the first concepts, and I always suggest to my clients to start with few different design directions, unique concept designs.

3 concept design solutions showed so far as best starting point and 80% of my clients decide to go this route.

Upon first concept design finalization, I share them with client for their review and feedback on how to proceed further.

In most scenarios we end up proceeding with one of the concepts I created, and move to fine tuning it, or creating a 4th one that would combine best elements from initial 3 concepts.

Further on, client and I work together on main screen fine tuning, we usually go through few rounds of revisions until it is approved by the client.

Communication and understanding between me and client plays very important role in project exaction. I like to say that quality communication is 50% of Job, the other 50% is me applying my skills and best practices to project we are working on together.

After main screen finalization and clients approval, I proceed with the inner (additional) screens designs, if there are any.

I can work screen by screen, or on a few screens at the same time, depending on what approach client prefers, following same approach as for the main screen.

It is import to mention that I thrive to deliver on a day to day bases, and if I am not able to deliver an update within a day, I always update my client on status and provide them with an ETA.

Upon finalization and approval of all of the screens, I can start working on design conversion (development) into Responsive HTML5/CSS3, WordPress or WebFlow, depending on the clients preferences.

I am doing development on my server, and as soon as I finalize the first working version of code, I share with the clients preview (link) where they can review current design, and track my development progress.

After the code is fully finalized, I share it again with the client for the review, and we work together an adjustment and bug fixing until everything is as per client requirements.

Upon clients approval, I can take care of website installation and pushing it to live, or I can provide clients with the .zip containing full code and instructions on how to do it on their own.

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