How to make 20-300% more with your website

Do a quick test. Open your website. Is it obvious in 3 seconds what your website is? If not, your website is losing 20-300% of your current revenue. I am on a mission to fix that, and here's how:


I will take your existing website and transform it into a website where it is clear WHAT you are doing.

A new website is not required. I work with your existing website. I will fix or add headlines, images, whole sections until it is clear WHAT you are doing.

That simple change would move your website from money loser to money maker.

Examples of WHAT websites: Apple, Stripe, Basecamp


The next step is to explain HOW you are doing it. The elements of the existing website usually limit the option to explain it properly. In this step, usually, a brand new website is made for you.

Examples of HOW websites: Slack, Notion, Figma


This step is more branding and marketing work than website design work. The goal is to find the purpose of your business and showcase it on your website. Even the tiniest company has its purpose. It's not just about the money. There is a reason why you wake up in the morning and go to the job.

Usually, it's possible to work with an existing website. A new website is not required. Usually, clients have brand and marketing consultants working on this. My wish is to help you there too. I can do the same or a better job.

Examples of WHY websites: Zendesk, Robinhood, Zillow


In previous steps, we had 3 types of websites: WHAT are you doing, HOW are you doing it, and WHY are you doing it. Now we combine all 3 elements, placed in the right order for the ultimate website experience.

Your website would start with the WHY are you doing it section. Next, it would go HOW are you doing it section. Finally, there would be the WHAT are you doing section.

The Hipinspire's website is build using this structure. Simon Sinek explained in his talk how this structure is wired in our reptilian mind. The best stories are told in this format, and they sound natural to us.

The WHY website examples: Github, Shopify, Airbnb, WeWork, Hey

I will reclaim 20-300% of your lost revenue

Start with a free review. I will take a look at your website, and I will:

· Give you a design that would immediately fix your conversion rate
· Tell what I like and dislike about your website
· Tell does it passes 'a 3 seconds test'
· Give you one big idea for free
· Prepare an executive summary with the goal that you become a billionaire

Example of the review


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